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Anzuism, alternatively known as the Celestial Church, is an elven faith centered around the worship of Anzus and the cosmos surrounding her. It is the oldest faith on Astra, and has persisted throughout time as one devoted to the history of the elves, their savior Anzus, and the continuation of the elven race. While the Anzan faith has dwindled in recent years, it's seen a sudden revitalization by the rallying of Vicar Vathylra. The faith of Anzuism promotes peace, but some of its followers have since taken to a more violent approach in restoring the grandness of their church and its followers. Anzuism is perceived by most as the antithesis to the Golden Faith, and has a long history of conflict with the zealous followers of the Church of Niros. Today, while the elves linger in the shadow of the humans who dethroned them so long ago, Anzuism remains a faith quietly practiced by the elven people under the shadow of the night sky. It's seen as a heretical faith by many humans, while the elves see it as the only faith worthy of regard.


Anzuism is an ancient faith that dates back all the way to the Age of Dusk, where there was no sun or fire to illuminate Astra. Instead, the world was bathed in silver glow from the moons and stars, perpetually beneath the gaze of the two moons. In these years, Anzus was the guiding light for the elven people, always looking up to the night sky and seeking to emulate its awe. She led them through the Age of Dusk and into the Age of Elven Hegemony where the elves established dominance over the surface of Edriel. During the early years of this golden age for the elves, Anzus sacrificed her withering mortal body and diffused her essence across the elven dominions, empowering her children with wells of magic containing unbridled power. The elves used these wells for many years before they were destroyed and disrupted by the Fall of Eyrm, a catastrophic event that sundered the elves from their birthright to spellcasting. The collapse of Eyrm denotes the year zero, where the fate of the elves was sealed as the humans mustered for war against their weakened overlords.

The Years of Dusk

In the early years of Astra, where there was no light to illuminate the world surrounding the elves, they wandered endlessly. Through perpetual night, they stared at the sky above as they walked and ran, looking upon the two moons and stars. The night sky led them forward, with its vast constellations and imagery of beautiful scenes they swore they would one day see too. The Years of Dusk were one of difficulty. In their search for beauty, the elves found conflict. Beneath the earth poured vicious, winged insects known as the Haskara. The elves, with their primitive weaponry, could only do so much against the swarms of insects. The haskara lived in massive hives beneath the earth, burrowing through stone and soil to expand their nests so that more of their kind may fester and brood.

The elves wandered above the earth, lost and confused in this lightless world. The haskara hunted them, tearing children away from families. Some elves, named the Malathyr, flee to the numerous, interconnected caverns beneath Astra's surface in a desperate bid to escape the war.

The Years of Dusk were illuminated by a new figure, an elven goddess named Anzus who first made herself known to the forsaken elven people. She extended a hand to them, her silver radiance burning away the darkness of the world and exposing the beauty of it for the first time. Without Anzus, the elven people would have surely perished in the lightless world. She rekindled their hope. They revered the woman, crying her name as the world was awash in moon light. Through Anzus, the elven people were granted vision in the dark. She taught them how to utilize magic, and from there, the war against the Haskara could begin.

Rise of the Church

With the aid of Anzus, the elves were quick to seize success in the war that had been tipped against them. They used magic to burn away the dark, giving the world light and casting away the Haskara into the caverns they came from. The insects burrowed away, sealing away their hives behind them to brood and burrow deeper into the earth. Above them, the elves began to build, constructing churches, spires and cities dedicated to the moon and its gifted daughter, Anzus. The dominions of elvenkind had been created, each with their own kings and queens, yet Anzus was seen above it all, the leader of the elves and their newly founded lunar faith. Cathedrals that rival the clouds now dot the surface of Edriel, the elves beginning their grand expansion across its surface. With only the moon and Anzus to guide them, they build forts of stone, churches of marble and spires of magic.

It was also around this time that the elves come into first contact with the tribal dwarves who have been fighting wars in the far north. The dwarves leave with knowledge of magic, architecture and law.

The Elf-Queen's Sacrifice
  • sun
  • humans appear about this time
  • anzus is now very old, beginning to wither
  • she sacrifices herself, sorta
  • her mortal body fades away
  • her power and essence is given to the ley wells of the elves
Feud of Heirs
  • passing of anzus brings about people vying for the throne
Reign of the Diarchy
The Silver Years
  • with the power of the sacrificed anzus, the elves are very powerful
  • create grand cities, archive lots of knowledge,
  • elves get a little rowdy
  • attack the manus humans, destroy them
  • butt end of the silver years whenever they attacked the dwarves and failed
  • tensions begin to rise, second diarch and his priests warn of doom
  • no one believes diarch#2, he ditches about a year before the fall
Eyrm's Fall
  • eyrm, the second moon, descends upon Astra
  • the elves muster the magic given to them by Anzus, shatter Eyrm before it hits and destroys everything
  • anzus is now the only remaining moon in the sky
  • 2nd diarch is still gone
  • evil eyrm gone, but elves do not catch a break
  • anzus glows very bright on this day, rivals the sun
Uul'vaeris, Years of Doom
  • humans run to stormwind and turn on warmode
  • elves are not as powerful as they once were
  • elves no longer in a position to fight against a god with no god of their own to help
  • auros leads his crusade, kills a bunch of elves
  • the elves are routed from their homes and cities, lots of shit gets burned and destroyed
  • this goes on for abt 200 years
  • the churches of anzus are destroyed, desecrated or consecrated into churches for Auros
  • the city of Tarial first presents itself 2 elves
The Second Dusk
  • the anzan faith is scattered across the world in small pockets
  • the elves now live beneath the humans
  • anzus no longer has massive cathedrals dedicated to her name, or grand liturgies dedicated to paying respect
  • the elves live in a second age of dark, have nothing they can do
  • very sad
  • few pogroms here and there
The Pilgrimage
  • modern day
  • elves are roused to action by Vicar Vathylra
  • a mass exodus of elves is made from the cities of humans, from the forests and from the countryside
  • Vathylra leading her followers to the city of Tarial
  • Some elves disagree with her splinter and off, become the Lunathyr
  • some elves go to Vynland


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