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The Caerwynn
Aliases Wetlander
Parent Race Human
Physical Information
Height 5’2” - 6’0”
Hair Black, Brown
Skin Tone Pale, Fair
Eye Colour Green, Blue
Cultural Information
Homeland(s) Caerwynn
Language(s) Common
Religion(s) Golden Faith
Cultures Category

On the western coast of Edriel lies the Duchy of Caerwynn, a mysterious land of impressive natural beauty. The reclusive people of this region hold a strong national pride and, despite being conquered by the Brazenmark Empire, have kept a distinct national identity.The Caeran people are a hardy bunch, the local climate having determined this long ago with harsh winters and warm summers. As a result, people of the region have developed a reputation of being both determined and tough, overcoming obstacles through persistence that others may baulk at.

Caeran military is generally composed of a number garrisons within the larger towns across the region. Due to their decentralised structure a grand war game and festival, Gŵyl Dewr (Brave Festival) is held within the Rhydyn Valley each year to cultivate  cooperation between the townships. This expansive war game, combined with training in difficult terrain has created a cunning military that excels in guerilla warfare and ambitious strategy. It has been noted in some accounts that ‘When facing overwhelming odds of defeat in battle, Caerans seem to thrive on gallows humour and comradery’. It’s in the nature of Caeran people to stick together. Towns and villages hold a strong sense of community working together whenever required. Women and men work as equals in all aspects of life, once a necessity due to a low population and now simply the accepted state of society. Children are expected to learn a trade while young and preferably that of one of their parents. It is not uncommon for a family line to have worked in a single trade for generations.

Culture & Society

Those visiting from outside the region are likely to find locals abrasive and unwelcoming due to their distrustful nature that has only festered in the years since Brazenmark domination. While it’s not impossible for an outsider to make a life for themselves within Caerwynn, those who refuse to integrate and assimilate into society will find themselves permanently shunned or exiled.

Religion and Customs

Religion within Caerwynn is in a complex state. The conservative nature of the close knit communities has made it difficult for the Golden Faith to gain a true foot hold. While some villages have converted to the religion, many more follow the Golden Faith only in an official capacity.The true religion of Caerwynn is known as Serydiaeth, an interpretation of Anzuism, and dates back thousands of years, long before the destruction of the moon. Serydiaeth’s roots lie in the examination of the sun, moon and other celestial bodies around Astra.It is believed that the Sun, Goleun, is the father of all life in the world and the two moons, Gorchymyn and Anhrefn, are his children. The moons represent order and chaos respectively and together balance the life bestowed upon Astra by Goleun. Each celestial movement is believed to be a sign and priests study them closely to interpret their meaning. A trailing comet, a meteor shower or movement of far distant planets are all believed to give insight into things to come or how to proceed. Although few books from the era survive, followers of Serydiaeth suffered a massive crisis of faith upon the destruction of Gorchymyn. Believing order to have been slain by chaos, many believed this to be a sign of the coming end of time. To this day, religious text from this era make very little sense of events that transpired and how life continues to exist without the balance of order.


Gŵyl Dewr - Brave Festival

The Brave Festival takes places once per year in the Rhydyn Valley during the final days of autumn. Once a large region wide wargame, the event has evolved over time to become a full blown festival of sports and prowess. A giant campground is set up towards the head of the valley and a series of events take place. Games involve archery, wrestling, swordplay, joust and many more. The largest event however is the great Gŵyl Dewr wargame.

Warriors from each village are separated into teams and dispersed throughout the valley with the aim of being the last team standing. Each participant is equipped with a wooden sparring sword and some light padding. No food or water may be brought into the the event and must be gathered in play. Eliminations are injury based and battles continue until an opponent surrenders, is cut or acquires a more serious injury. Once all but one team has been eliminated the game is over and the winning team announced. If all other events within the festival have concluded, this also marks the end of Gŵyl Dewr with a final night of celebration and drinking.


Caeran last names are similar in style to that of Brazenmark in that they relate to deeds, professions and locations. First names are a lot more varied, sometimes using words for desirable traits and other times features of terrain or flora.

  • Conwy Cynwoyld
  • Bryn Saethydd
  • Wren Rhyfelwr
  • Anwyn Ffermwr
  • Ewan Cryf

Human Cultures
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PostavanVerlain  • Wharosi  • Caeran
Neutral Mar'zuun
Orient Kyosini  • YanZhuansun
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