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The High Kingdom is the name given to a collective of four smaller, individual kingdoms. Each of these kingdoms represent different leadership, tradition and history. Some excel in fields where others may not, though they are all bound together by the common cause of unity and kinship. Dwarves from each kingdom tend to look slightly different or bear traits unique to their cultures, thus making each kingdom's citizens distinguishable from one another. The four kingdoms were first nothing more than small tribes, but have grown into sprawling, fortified territories through the duration of dwarven history.

The Kingdom of Taerndis

Between the four kingdoms, the Kingdom of Taerndis remains the one most similar to the primal roots of the dwarven race. They sit atop massive cliffs of stone, their fortresses rivaling the clouds. They are hunters, warriors that champion against nature. Their towering home is surrounded by vast wilderness, perpetually storming with lightning and rain. The Taerndis dwarves are known for their ability to hunt down the largest of prey, with draconids being a staple of their culture. Every king of the Taerndis kingdom must prove himself worthy by first hunting and slaying a wyvern in the wilds with no more than two companions. Should he succeed, he earns the throne of the Taerndis people, and his companions earn the privilege of sitting beside him. They are a kingdom founded on individual strength and fortitude, revering might in combat above all else. In the Common tongue, the Kingdom of Taerndis could be translated to 'Storm's People.' Their capital is Taern-grim, a fort that pierces the sky and oversees the mountains and ocean.

As people, those of Taerndis descent are often white-haired with bright cyan eyes and, additionally, are slightly stronger than the typical dwarf.

Notable historical figures include High King Olthar and Dragonslayer Thalma.

The Morak-gir Kingdom

On the side wholly opposite of the Taerndis Kingdom lays the demesne of the Morak-gir. For the distance between them, the two kingdoms share many similarities in geography and architecture. Their fortresses are carved into cliff faces, spires overlooking the sea below them. These stone turrets on the cliff sides are referred to as perches or roosts, which each often house tamed griffins they use to navigate their steep domain. Within their halls of stone lay a variety of different people. They could be called the most luxurious of the four kingdoms, with their knack for creating fine jewelry, clothes and alcohol. They are not warriors, but masterful craftsmen. Their capital city, Tirim-grim, is a large, beautiful mountain-city carved deep into the stone of their cliffs.

Typically, a dwarf belonging to the Morak-gir kingdom has brown hair with green eyes. They are an average dwarf in terms of size, strength and appearance.

Notable historical figures include Runemaster Vaerndir.

The Kingdom of Kazmokar

Fishermen and ingenious shipwrights, the Kazmokar dwarves live upon two islands off the coast of the Northlands. They understand a day of hard work, and make excellent laborers of any variety. They are largely in control of import and export to Edriel and back, with massive docks full of cargo ships. They do not have any mountains to build their fortresses upon, so instead their fortifications come partially from small ground forts and their navy, but largely from the massive fortress ships that patrol the coasts of their islands. These ships are made mostly of stone and metal, housing enough space for a barracks, dining hall, living quarters and battlements. The main capital of the Kazmokar is Gar-grim, a moderately sized coastal city surrounding a large land fort.

The Kazmokar dwarves are a tough folk. They have brown hair and deep blue eyes. They're slightly taller than most dwarves, and can be easily distinguished by the intricate tattoos they ink onto their torsos and arms. These tattoos typically denote the dwarf's profession. A fisherman may have a net design down one arm, while a shipwright may have a longboat along the back of their shoulders.

Notable historical figures include High King Kazgus.

The Thaligrim Kingdom

The Thaligrim are a traditional type of people. They are buried deep into the geography of the Northlands, reachable only through giant gates nestled at the base of their mountains. These gates lead to a vast labyrinth of tunnels and mines, eventually culminating into the grand spectacle of their capital, Kaz-grim. Kaz-grim is a giant complex that branches out into sprawling, erratically dug mines. They are the center of wealth in the Four Kingdoms, with much of their trade being outsourced to the docks of Kazmokar not far beyond the coast that lays beyond their gates. Thaligrim dwarves are known for ingenunity, their knack for smithing and their honesty. Much of their history has been spent tucked away into these mountains, but dwarven visitors are always welcome within their grand halls.

The Thaligrim dwarves are a resilient type, with bodies built to withstand labor better than most. They typically have orange or black hair and brown eyes.

Notable historical figures include King Thorlund and Godsmith Golthiar.

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