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This page serves as a portal to various important locations in lore. It is useful to familiarize yourself with certain key names and concepts, such as the name of the planet, Astra, as this is information nearly all characters would know. Below, locations are categorized roughly by how their location within others, i.e. Edriel is a continent on Astra. Our lore primarily focuses on the namesake of the server, Vynland, but also the point where this story begins, Edriel. That is not to say however that there are not places beyond the scope of our writing, Astra is a vast planet with many lands yet to be discovered.

Planets and the Beyond

Astra is a large spherical and Earth-like planet that is composed of both vast ocean and great continents of land. Thousands of years ago, it had two moons named Eyrm and Anzus, but now only the latter remains. The Heavens is the common way of referring to the space beyond Astra, where other celestial bodies lie in orbit.


Edriel is the largest known continent on Astra, and is a key point of focus in the server's lore. Vast and diverse, Edriel is home to a multitude of races and cultures, with a history that spans thousands of years.

  • The West is a large portion of Edriel, separated from the Orient by the Mar'zuun.
    • The Empire of Brazenmark is the dominant political power in the west of Edriel, a human nation of considerable size and military might, currently however crippled by war and plague.
      • The Duchy of Verlains is one of the most recent additions to the Empire, and a considerable source of manpower and income.
      • The City of Lanth is the largest and most wealthy city in Brazenmark. It operates with a great deal of autonomy due to its power.
      • The Princedom of Wharos is a confederacy of lesser crowns on the northern coast, all subservient to Brazenmark.
  • The Orient refers to the lands east of the Mar'zuun, and is greater than the West in size, but lacks its unity.
    • Kingdom of Zhuansun is a large nation in the Orient and a historical nemesis to the Empire of Brazenmark.
    • The Seven Yan Kingdoms border Zhuansun to the south-east, its people were once a mighty empire, but now feud as seven rival kingdoms.
    • The Kyosin Empire is a far-flung nation on the edge of the known world.