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The history of Astra traces back thousands of years and is largely apocryphal the further back from the present year one reads. After the Fall of Eyrm, record keeping in stone, and later paper, became more common within humanity as it had for the elves and dwarves in previous ages. Thus, events that have occurred in the last two millennia can be understood with more certainty than those that occurred before Eyrm, or even earlier in the world's shared history. Lengths of years are commonly divided into Ages that represent periods that are removed from one another by world-changing events. The current age is the Age of the Western Sun, which began in 1520 AE following the establishment of the Brazenmark Empire. The current year is 2120.

Age of Dusk

The Age of Dusk, also called The First Age, with all subsequent ages incrementing on this number, is a mythical period of time that encompasses the history from the beginning of Astra's creation to the period in which elves first make records of their existence. The many races of Edriel have their own myth and canon to describe the Age of Dusk, some attributing it to a natural accident and the powers of primeval magic, whereas other cultures instead believe that Astra was designed by a higher power. There are too many interpretations to list in this section, but there are some parallels that can be drawn across most myth regarding the Age of Dusk. It is generally agreed that elves were the first race to establish cities, but whether they were the first race in Astra is a contentious issue. There is also agreement that humanity came to the attention of the more ancient races near the end of the age, being one of the youngest races in myth. The origins of humanity are another topic that is too diverse to speak on here.

The Age of Dusk is characterized in artwork and literature as a world with no light, flame or sun. It was illuminated only by the two moons and the stars surrounding them. This is the age where Anzus was believed to have first risen to godhood, with her reign as the elven queen lasting all the way to the early years of the Age of Elrathyr Hegemony when she sacrificed her withering mortal form.

Age of Elrathyr Hegemony

The Age of Elrathyr Hegemony, also known as the Age of Morning, follows the establishment of elven cities across Edriel at the end of the Age of Dusk and lasts to the year of Fall of Eyrm. The name for this age reflects the control and authority wielded by the elves throughout Edriel's early history. Their connection to the ambient currents of mana that flow through the world allowed the elves to construct great kingdoms and empires that spanned the entirety of the continent. Other ancient races, such as the dwarves, would also experience a golden age of their own in this period, but their accomplishments were more internal and not so widely impactful as that of the elves. In this period, elves seldom warred with one another but did distinguish themselves with independent nations and the development of cultural differences. Much of what was constructed by the elves in this period was torn down in the age following, but records and ruins from the Second Age exist all across Edriel. Perhaps the most notable legacy of the elves are their roads, which remain in use today, some still maintained by the nations who inherited those lands. As mentioned, the Age of Elrathyr ended with Eyrm's fall. Though the many great elven kingdoms and empires would persist for several centuries after this calamity, historians agree that the event was a mortal blow to their supremacy, and that destiny was decided in the year 0.

Age of Golden Fire

The Age of Golden Fire, so called by humanity and the Church of Niros for the great magical power wielded by their god, Auros, lasts from Eyrm's Fall to the consolidation of the Yan Empire in 700 AE. This age is known by the elves as the Uul'vaeris, the elven word for Apocalypse. It was this age that the many disparate cultures of humanity unite under their God and crusade against the elves for two centuries until finally their hegemony was overthrown. Shortly after this victory, Auros retired and bid his closest followers establish a church to continue his legacy as he rested. With the elven dominions brought to ruin, humanity quickly built upon the rubble, establishing countless nations across Edriel. It is in this period that some of the most important nations in the current age were established.


  • 3 AE - Auros is first encountered by the people of the Kingdom of Zoran in a small village called Uldacia.
  • 198 AE - Siege of Aeryn Citadel marks the end of elven hegemony, the castle being the last bastion of elven controlled territory in Edriel.
  • 200 AE - The First Writ is written by Auros as his last act before entombing himself in the city of Niros
  • 220 AE - Niros falls under the protection of the Brazenmark Kingdom, beginning a time old alliance between the Brazenmarks and the Church of Niros.
  • 268 AE - The sack of the Saint-Arianne Cathedral results in the destruction of one of the Radiant Scrolls, leading to church reforms in Para Bellum
  • 515 AE - Huran, the supposed successor of Auros, is born, sparking a religious crisis in the Golden Faith that ultimately results in nations of the Orient splintering away from the Church's control.
  • 518 AE - First Oriental War begins as the Church of Niros pressures Western nations to recover Huran.
  • 529 AE - Brazenmark Kingdom and its allies lose the First Oriental War, the Orient establishes its own faith, Huranism with Huran as their religious leader. This faith grows to dominant the Orient.
  • 606 AE - Kyosin Empire is established after a series of bloody wars between its three largest clans. Facing pressure from their Yanese neighbours, they begin to construct the Kyosin Wall.
  • 700 AE - Yan Empire is established with the crowning of Emperor Xi Fu Zhao, and the Kyosin Wall is completed.

Age of the Eastern Sun

The Age of the Eastern Sun began with the foundation of the Yan Empire, the largest and most populous single nation in recorded history. In this period, the Yanese expanded their borders considerably, absorbing countless smaller nations in the Orient. Even the mighty Zhuansun Khanate was subjugated, and forced into several wars against the west. The nations of western Edriel would engage the Yan Empire in several wars for territory and control of the Vassenian Sea, though for much of this age the Orient would win such wars continuously. The west was helped by the fact that the Yan Empire also infringed upon the borders of the Mar'zuun, prompting a temporary strategic alliance between the central power and the nations of the west. It was this unity that created the necessary buffer that halted the Yanese advance for centuries. The Age of the Eastern Sun ended in 1200 with the Zhuansun Khanate successfully winning back their independence from the Yan Empire.


  • 720 AE - Battle of Kumano Gate was the first Yanese attempt to bypass the Kyosin Wall. Yanese troops suffered staggering casualties and failed to breach the wall.
  • 732 AE - Zhuansun Khanate capitulates to the Yan Empire, existing for the next three centuries as a puppet state.
  • 850 AE - Second Oriental War begins with the Battle of Dorneus.
  • 888 AE - Storm's Gate is attacked by an 80,000 strong destruction of goblins, trolls, giants and two dragons. Storm's Gate holds despite heavy casualties. This attack prompts the Great Expedition.
  • 902 AE - Battle of Baymorne. Yanese warships manage to cut through Brazenmark and Mar'zuun naval fleets, occupying Baymorne harbour. The harbour, choked with allied and enemy ships, is lit ablaze by accident, leading to a fire that destroys the Yanese and Brazenmark fleets, but also a significant portion of Baymorne.
  • 989 AE - Second Oriental War ends quid pro quo, with both Brazenmark, the Yan Empire and the Mar'zuun exchanging territories.
  • 1020 AE - Yan Empire becomes fraught with incursions of gnoll from the hills, weakening the empire.
  • 1200 AE - War of Zhuansun Independence, sees the Zhuansun Khanate restore its freedom as the Yanese are burdened with domestic problems.
  • 1212 AE - The Manus Crusade is launched in the name of defending the holy sites of the Golden Faith, ending in status quo.

Age of Troubles

The Age of Troubles is a period following the multitude of wars between human nations of Edriel, and lasted into the start of the current era. The Age of Troubles is similarly one defined by the many wars that occurred, but also by the passage of Nessos, a fragment of Eyrm still in orbit. During this object's passage across the heavens, Edriel experienced a litany of changes geographically and faced unprecedented attacks from beasts long thought extinct or defeated. It is in the Age of Troubles that many nations were forced to turn their attention towards themselves to fend off the many incursions of goblin, centaur, gnoll, troll, undead, and haskara. Eventually, Nessos disappeared into the bleak darkness of the Beyond, and Edriel's ancient foes quieted once more. The Age of Troubles ends formally where the current age begins, in 1520 AE, with the establishment of the Brazenmark Empire.


  • 1250 AE - The Yanori Hive surfaces in the province of Dali, within the Yanese Empire. For the first time in recent history, the Haskara have returned from beneath the surface of the planet and have begun to attack the citizens of Astra.
  • 1255 AE - The Killian Hive surfaces in the province of Tiros, within the Brazenmark Kingdom. Word of the haskara and how to combat them becomes something shared by the many nations of Edriel in an attempt to stifle the subterranean threat.
  • 1256 AE - Monastic orders known as Sepulchre Knights organize mobile forces to combat the haskara threat in the west.
  • 1400 AE - The Julaitikara Clan of centaur wreak havoc across the Orient, their numbers ranging around a million. A temporary alliance between the Yan Empire and the Zhuansun Khanate combat the foe.
  • 1416 AE - The Third Oriental War ends in a decisive victory for Brazenmark, bringing an end to the Zhuansun incursions into the west.
  • 1500 AE - The Brazenmark Kingdom declares war on the Kingdom of Ludos, the last remaining independent state in the west.

Age of the Western Sun

The Age of the Western Sun encompasses the period from the establishment of the Brazenmark Empire in 1520 to the current year. It is in the current age that the world witnessed the full strength of the Brazenmark Empire, and the decline of its long-standing rival, the Yan Empire. Across Edriel monstrous activity had been quiet for centuries, but even in the current age frontier towns close to what pockets of land remain untamed are still commonly harassed by the age-old enemies of civilization.


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