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Welcome to an interim character creation guide, written by Louie, or as you may know me from Discord and the Forums, Portage. This page serves to help guide new players as they traverse our bank of lore, and conceptualize characters. Whereas the rest of the Wiki is written in an encyclopedic format, this page is "meta" in the sense that I am addressing you directly as a new player. I feel this format is good for getting down to brass tacks, and making things clear in plain English.

The World of Edriel

In our lore, Edriel is the continent your character would call home unless they were born on Vynland, though this is unlikely due to the colony's brief history. The nations of the West resemble medieval Europe in their aesthetic, whereas those of the Orient are primarily based on central and eastern Asian cultures. Though humanity is the dominant race on Edriel, elves remain a sizeable minority across the country, and either retain their culture in small enclaves or have assimilated into the nearest human population. Dwarves make their home in the brutal northern continent known as the Northlands and dragonkin similarly abide by the Askrae, though their people are prone to travel. Across Edriel, there are many reasons to venture elsewhere. The West suffers from internal turmoil and plague, whereas the eastern lands are burdened by incursions of ancient and monstrous foes. It is common for folk to seek passage to foreign lands where rumour has it life is better. Most popular on the tongues of vagrants now is the island of Vynland, said to have been foolishly abandoned by the Brazenmark Empire.


The year, come the server's launch, will be 2120 AE (After Eyrm). However, all roleplay on the forums and Discord prior to the launch will occur five years prior, allowing people to build up a character's history before playing them on the server itself. The current level of technology is comparable to the early medieval ages, sometimes between 1250-1300. As such, try and keep an open mind about what sort of armour and clothing was available in this period. Things we sometimes take for granted, like full suits of armour, would be limited to the upper levels of society. We are not a server that endeavours to be painfully historically accurate, but as much as we make an effort to compile interesting lore, we ask that players create characters respect that by playing within the parameters we set.

An example of disrespecting our setting might be playing a character who is, for all intents and purposes, a Roman Legionnaire, gladius and all. This is obviously inappropriate so far as the setting goes, and is as problematic as a noble character dressing as though they exist in a Victorian setting. Both of these examples very obviously clash with the historical aesthetic of the server and should be avoided.

Character Motivation

Perhaps one of the most important factors of any character is their reasoning for travelling to Vynland, or in the case of our Discord and Forum roleplay, away from home at the very least. As mentioned, the Brazenmark Empire currently suffers from a slew of internal issues, not limited to plague and religious strife. Characters who grew up in the Orient may be tired of the constant warring of the Yan Kingdoms, or maybe they have been displaced by incursions of Gnoll or Centaur, wild civilizations that seek to displace humanity in certain regions.

Other characters, from East or West, might be travelling instead by their own volition, not compelled by their environment. Religious characters who are persecuted, like the Gallanites, might see Vynland as a safe haven for them to practice their faith openly and away from the tyranny of the Church of Niros. Alternatively, more traditional holy men may see Vynland as an opportunity to expand the control of their Church, and hope to convert any native folk that happen to exist in this foreign wilderness. Spellcasters, be they mages of the Baymorne Magi College or druids of the countryside may hope to uncover secrets in Vynland that will expand their magical prowess.

One's reasoning for travelling to Vynland may not be tied to one's profession at all, in fact, it may be a character's history that has compelled them to take to the horizon. Perhaps your character was slighted or dishonoured in some way, and looks to this new colony as a means to prove themselves. Perhaps there is no effort made to retake their glory, and Vynland is instead simply a place to hide from the judgement they received in the old country, be it from peers, family or some institution.

I hope this section helps stir some creativity in new players, as like I mentioned above, the motivation for your character is perhaps one of the most important points to consider - so dwell on it carefully!