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The races of Astra are numerous in number, ranging from the Hive-minded Haskara to Humans. Only a few can be considered sapient or civilized enough to be entertained as humanoid. Even then they often feud among eachother, with cautious peace filling in years bwetween warfare. Some races remain entirely remote, disconnected from the world at large or too simpleminded to have any note among the powers of Astra.

Players can choose between four different races. A character race has effect on various features, both aesthetically and personality-wise

Playable Races

Races Description Races Description


Humans are a people numerous in number, known for their diversity in culture and technology. Dwarves


The dwarves are a reclusive race of short, hardy folk. They revere authority and ancestry.


A proud race of people, beset with misdirection following a grand war that rid them of their homes. Dragonkin


The dragonkin are a mysterious race of scaled draconids, scattered across the world in small numbers.