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Faith across Astra is a diverse subject, the people of Edriel belonging to many different creeds, such that it is often difficult to categorise them. Yet in the past two millennia, several sects have risen so greatly in power and worship that they dwarf all other modes of worship that came before them. Likewise, some ancient faiths are so enduring that in spite of these new religions, they persist amidst stalwart and zealous followers. On Astra, Gods are physical beings that walk the same planes we do and come to be worshipped typically only by those who live locally to their demesne. In time, these gods pass on, their essence fading back into the world once more.

But every now and again, worship of a specific, or multiple, gods catches on in a given culture, resulting in a more organized mode of faith, with a structure and dogma that is not seen in the local pagan style of worship. Many different cultures throughout history have subscribed to a more rigid and hierarchical religion, below are some of the most culturally important.

Popular Religions