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Main Rules - These extend to all Vynland Platforms

  1. Be Civil.
  2. Unsportsman behaviour, including but not limited to: Threats, stalking, impersonating, personally insulting, excessively pinging, humiliating or degrading others outside of roleplay are all behaviors that are not welcome in the Vynland community. In addition, baiting or encouraging a player to violate this rule is also not allowed.
  3. No Metagaming or Powergaming
  4. Metagaming refers to the use of information gained out of character, in character. This can refer to something you’ve read on a characters profile, heard from a friend, or even something you knew on one character but don’t know on another. Certain lore, and character posts are made with the intention that they would be common knowledge for your character. Within reason, nearly everything on the Wiki is able to be known by your character; however you must consider that just like you do not know every aspect of the world you live in, your character does not either. That means to make sure that you have sufficient in character reasoning for knowing any information you’ve read from the wiki, or on posts made by other players that are marked as “common knowledge”. If you have a question about what information your character can and cannot know, refer to a member of the Staff Team.
    Powergaming refers to abusing the mechanics of roleplay so that your character has an unfair advantage over another. This could refer to writing emotes or forum posts for your character that are written in such a way that you are forcing an action on another player. For example, to say;
    “<Your Character> swings his sword at <Opponent>, bringing it over head and hoping to bring it down on him from above.”
    Would not be an example of powergaming, where as the same action said in a different way;
    “<Your Character> swings his sword at <Opponent>, bringing it down over his head and slicing straight through his neck!”
    Would be, as you do not give the opponent an opportunity to respond to your action with theirs, but rather that you have decided for them what they will be doing.
  5. Do not impersonate staff members.
  6. Pretending to be a staff member, or pretending that you yourself are a member of staff is not acceptable.
  7. No Advertising
  8. Do not advertise other Roleplaying Communities. This includes communities that are on the Hypixel platform, as well as other competing platforms. Friendly discussion of other games or servers in private is acceptable, however it has no place on our platform. In addition, it is unacceptable for members of the Vynland Community to advertise our server on other platforms.servers is also forbidden.
  9. No spamming or flooding of any kind.
  10. Repeatedly posting chat messages, forum posts, or media in the form of pictures and videos is prohibited
  11. No Harassment
  12. No form of Harassment, Personal Attacks, or otherwise unsportsmanlike conduct is acceptable on the Vynland Server, Forums, Discord or any other Vynland Community Platform. Respectfully expressing disagreement, criticism, and voicing complaints is acceptable; however overtly negative and targeted comments that are written or spoken with the intent to harm are never acceptable.
    Racial Slurs, Bigoted Comments and otherwise inherently prejudiced behavior is never acceptable, and any instance of this behavior will be met with swift punishment.
  13. No Sexual Content
  14. Content that is overtly sexual in nature is not acceptable on any Vynland platform. This includes roleplay that involves any sexual act, pictures and videos that are sexual in nature, as well as humor or jokes that are of a sexual nature.
    Sexual Acts are never to be played out in roleplay, and may only exist as reference in character backstories. Topics such as Rape, Sexual Assault or otherwise touchy subjects are as well not acceptable in roleplay, and should never occur in game, on the Forums or on any Vynland Platform.
    The Vynland Staff take a hard stance against the exploitation of minors, and as such we will take whatever means necessary to rid the community of such influences. That means that any sexual, romantic or seemingly offensive roleplay between a minor and an adult will be met with a swift ban, and any and all information available will be reported to the appropriate authorities.
  15. Exploitation
  16. Exploitation of our rules in an attempt to get away with something that you understand is not acceptable is also not permissible. When making a decision, keep a few things in mind.
    1. Nothing you do should give you an unfair advantage over another player.
    2. Often times, if you have to consider “Is what I’m doing against the rules?”; you may be making a mistake, even if it isn’t directly outlined in the rules.
    3. Our Rules are not law. If the wording of one rule gives the implication that something is unacceptable, yet does not explicitly state it; that is not permission to then go and do that thing.
    If you find something that should be a violation of our rules, yet is not mentioned; it is your responsibility to bring it forward either privately or in a feedback thread on the forums. This means that if you are found exploiting bugs or rule loopholes, you will be punished.
  17. Use of languages other than English are prohibited in public channels
  18. Communicating with other players in public mediums such as server or forum chats has to be done in english. This is done to prevent users from circumventing rules through languages and also to prevent players from being faced with unintelligible text

Server Rules

  1. Maintain the High Fantasy medieval setting.
  2. This extends to building, player models and technologies. The natural immersion of the world should be maintained, avoid creating obvious manmade irregularities on the terrain and avoid leaving floating blocks.
  3. Theft under all circumstances are banned.
  4. There are roleplay mechanics to pickpocket/steal belongings from other players. Taking items from people's storage without their permission is strictly forbidden. If you have found a player's storage who has gone inactive is otherwise impeding you, please contact a staff member.
  5. No modification of the game client.
  6. Any and all modifcations to the game client that gives benefit to a player over other players with unmodified clients is strictly forbidden
  7. Do not plagiarize content
  8. Stealing other player's work or claiming their content as your own is forbidden, as is using content from popular mediums outside Hytale. Please make sure that content you bring on the server either falls under Creative Commons or otherwise have permission to use.

Forum And Discord Rules

  1. No trolling, flaming or directly linking NSFW media.
  2. Posting pornography, hentai / extremely suggestive drawings, gore and shock images is not allowed. Threads or posts that exist to anger an individual or group is also prohibited.
  3. Content Policy.
  4. Above all, the Vynland Forums and Discord are a here to further the roleplaying experience of the Vynland Hytale Server. While off-topic discussion has its place, and is certainly not barred in the rules; we have a few guidelines on what is and is not acceptable. These rules apply to all content uploaded to the forums or discord. This means profile pictures, images, emojis, words, things said over voice, and any other means by which you exchange information via a Vynland platform.

    Inappropriate Content

    Some types of content are not acceptable to be included in the content you post here on our discord and forums. Generally, this applies to all kinds of Pornographic or Sexually Suggestive content. Much like what you can read in our general rules, there is never a situation in which posting pornography or sexually suggestive content is acceptable on any of our services. Keep in mind that Vynland is a platform that allows children of all ages, and as such we need to keep this a welcoming and safe platform for everyone to use.


    When speaking on off-topic matters relating to popular media, movies or books; it is important to keep the “Spoiler” rule in mind. When something has just released within 7 days for television shows, 2 weeks for motion pictures and one month for video games; it is not acceptable to post information regarding key elements of the plot or that media’s experience that would lead to spoil the experience for others. This does not apply to information clearly marked as a “spoiler”, either within the spoiler tags on the forums or within a thread marked for spoilers.

    Barred Subjects

    While we do allow off-topic discussion on our platform, we do not allow subjects that are particularly inflammatory or have a likelihood of provocation; even if presented in a way that does not intend to provoke. These subjects are:
    Political Discussion of any kind that is currently relevant to the world.
    Religious Discussion of any kind.
    Topics relating to gender or sexuality.
    No negative discussion of other Roleplay platforms
  5. Criticize ideas, not individuals
  6. When participating in discussion on our forums, it is important to separate the idea from the individual. Here in the Vynland community we encourage lively, constructive debate; and in the same vein condemn harmful and destructive behavior.
Server Rules
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