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Vynland's techlock refers to the out-of-character restrictions placed on in-character technology and advancement. The server's setting is comparable to the late 1300s. While usage of magic may allow for creative methods of invention, there are certain real-life technologies that, while they may have existed during the late 1300s, are not allowed to be researched, referenced or utilized in roleplay. For general reference, any technology or invention that came about after the 1300s era can be considered banned. If there is a question regarding tech and its inclusion, it should be directed to a member of the Direction Team.

This page will contain links to wikipedia in order to provide examples for each banned item.

Banned Technology



Any kind of firearm is completely banned from being researched, used or utilized in any way on Vynland. This includes handguns, handcannons, as well as matchlock, flintlock and caplock technology.


Cannons, in reference to the large artillery devices.


Explosives, entailing any kind of molotov, grenade or bomb, are banned.


Repeating Crossbows

Repeating or automatic crossbows, mainly in reference to the historical Chinese weapon, are banned. Repeating crossbows entail a regular crossbow fit with a magazine that allows it to fire consecutive shots without the need to reload.

Full Plate Armor

Any kind of full plate armor is banned. While bits and pieces, such as a chestplate, leggings, or helmet may be used, a character can not be fully covered in a suit of plate. They must maintain reasonable vulnerability in combat roleplay.


Medicine that does not befit the 1300s is completely banned.

Advanced Surgery

Any kind of 'advanced surgery,' such as heart surgery, brain surgery, or operations that otherwise include extreme precision and training.


Anything and everything related to the employment of electricity in inventions or technology is banned. Batteries, generators and circuitry are all examples of this.



Any kind of weapon-attached scope that provides better sight at range, and allows a user to accurately hit a target they otherwise wouldn't be able to see.

Technology Exceptions


Spectacles, such as eyeglasses or monocles, are allowed to be used so long as they don't provide the wearer with an unnatural advantage. Glasses may be used only for cosmetics or to remedy a character's poor eyesight, and must be realistic in appearance. I.e, no modern-styled frames.