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Vynland is a mysterious continent that lies to the West of Edriel, only recently rediscovered in the past two centuries by explorers who managed to sail across The Pale, an ocean that is normally too stormy to traverse. Humans of the Brazenmark Empire founded a small colony on the northern shores of Vynland in 2001 AE, and though the colony of Vynmark saw success initially, efforts to colonize the continent were later abandoned by the Empire. Even without the support of the Empire, the men and women of Vynmark have made considerable efforts to survive in a land that is largely hostile to their presence there. Notable threats include undead creatures, destructions of goblins, and the unusual fauna of the continent. Though, not all of Vynland's denizens are hostile. The bristlefur, a race of ursine humanoids, are relatively tame and cooperate frequently with the humans of Vynmark, trading wares and assisting in exploration.

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