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Formatting help page front page. I have some dank dank idanks for this -- Anzusmoon.png Anzusmoon.png Anzusmoon.png Mark Anzusmoon.png Anzusmoon.png Anzusmoon.png 23:51, 9 March 2019 (UTC)

Things that are going here: little navbox at the top for future Vynland Wiki pages


Below are a couple of guides for formatting. The deal with it all is that the wiki looks a lot better if you have a standardised template for certain types of pages. Layout looks better, everything looks more consistent and it kinda just feels better. To the soul you know. So follow the templates. Or we will send the police after you.

So anyway here's the deal: Check out a template and follow it, if you are missing parts of the template, check with the writer/processor/wikiboi or whoever is in charge of the part that is missing. Then badabing badaboom you have a great article and if you were missing part of it, you now are aware of it. This is however made by humans, so if you are seeing stuff on the templates that you think could be better, open up the respective talk page and start a conversation about it! We won't bite. I swear.

Formatting guides


A beginner's guide to how to find and do shit on this wiki.
A beginner's guide on how to do some basic shit with the edit button, not the edit source button.
A beginner's guide on how to do some dank shit with the source code and not look like a fool.
Colour palettes and backgrounds. For all your onfurbawksy.



Everything on Infoboxes.
Everything on Navboxes.
Everything on using templates for wiki maintenance.


Learn about the various categories brother, learn.