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The Revenants
Aliases Yōulíng
Classification Undead
Intelligent Yes
Playable No
Physical Information
Build Narrow, cadaverous
Hair White
Skin Tone Gaunt and hollow, light blue
Eye Colour Pure white
Cultural Information
Homeland(s) The Great Frost
Language(s) Any
Non-Playable Races Category

Wraiths are a rare type of intelligent undead formed only by the god of death, Moritdall, bestowing a dead spirit with a fraction of his power. The wraiths are few in number. They were originally created with the intention to serve as the hand of Moritdall, whether as servants or soldiers, but have since been led astray by their own personal ambitions. Some remain fiercely loyal to Moritdall, yet some despise him for his undesired blessing, and seek to disrupt the realm of the dead. There are six wraiths in total, each with their own history, identity and purpose. Wraiths are bound to the Great Frost, yet sometimes invade Astra in pursuit of necromancers, the awry undead, or to further their own schemes by toiling among mortals. They are dangerous apparitions, capable of powerful magical feats, as well as near invulnerability to any mortal weapon. A wraith will never be randomly encountered like the typical undead, though pacts and bargains may be struck with wraiths who dissent from Moritdall's will.



Like many other spectral undead, wraiths bear a vague resemblance to their past selves, though now cursed with the ghastly appearance of their corpses. They universally bear pallid skin, gaunt features and forms hollow of their past life. Each of them are adorned with their own unique marks that display their method of death, such as a spear through the chest or a noose around the throat. Wraiths are light-blue in color, and subtly emanate an aura of frost that chills whatever they touch. However, their torment of undeath has not led them into the path of mindless gibbering and wandering that so many other undead have succumbed to.

Wraiths are the only known type of intelligent undead. Like their living counterparts, they are capable of speech, combat and strategy. They live with the strategy of thousands of years. They possess ethereal bodies that pass through living objects. They are unharmed by the traditional methods of harming undead. At will, wraiths may adopt a physical form that allows them to interact with the physical world as something more than transparent spectators.

Wraiths are dangerous individuals. History books speak of them as demons, gods and beasts. Others shed a more positive light on the undead, and grant them the titles they once held in life: people, kings, soldiers and citizens. The hostile divide between many of the wraiths is a testament to their individuality. Yet, regardless if you consider their undeath to be a curse or a blessing, they all share the bonds of immortality that shackle them together.


Known Wraiths

  • The Lady-in-Waiting
  • The Hanged Man
  • The Wight-Queen
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